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iHome Solutions Insulation FAQs


The most effective insulation solution, spray foam prevents heat rising by sealing gaps and creating a wonderfully insulated barrier within the interior of your property. Other solutions like fibreglass require top ups every five years and fail to stop heat being lost through the roof.

Each spray foam insulation installation comes with 25-year warranty.

Homeowners on average will save up to 30-45% on their normal energy bills.

Depending on the property, our experts usually install spray foam insulation within half a day. If a membrane installation is required, these projects will take a full day.

Grants will be available from April 2023 via the ECO4 scheme.

By insulating your home to the highest standards, homeowners can increase their Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating. Increasing your EPC rating can help enhance the value of your property and reduce council tax bills. 

Upon enquiry, our specialists will arrange a site visit to conduct a survey at your property. We will determine the best solution for your property, offering our insight and outlining options to help you take the next step.

By contacting our team, we will deploy specialists to your site for a comprehensive survey of your existing insulation. Through this detailed assessment, we will identify any problems and set out potential replacements.

Our highly-skilled experts install the membrane to ensure your roof is fully protected. As well as offering reliable protection, the membrane doesn’t impact any future work on your roof.

Customers can clear out the loft out before the installation although this is not essential. Enquire with our experts to clear the space at a charge discussed.

Your loft can be used for storage if insulated with spray foam or Kingspan’s insulation boards.