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As one of the UK’s leading insulation contractors, I Home Solutions has developed an exceptional reputation for high-quality installations across the Northwest. Adopting premium products from a range of reliable suppliers, we work hard to install the perfect insulation for lofts, underfloors, cavity walls, containers and much more.

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Light, flexible and perfect for hard-to-reach areas, open cell foam is a more affordable insulation choice for UK homeowners. Once applied, HomeLogic’s open cell foam expands to 100 times its size, allowing you to reach difficult areas and insulate your property as efficiently and effectively as possible. Despite lower costs, open cell foam has the possibility to achieve the same, if not greater, R-value as other insulation types.

Excellent for draught prevention due to its dense nature, open cell foam can be applied at very low temperatures and has become a popular choice for commercial and industrial properties. These HomeLogic solutions offer great structural support and are particularly suitable in environments where damp protection is not required. 

HomeLogic’s range of cavity wall spray foam insulation is essential for the stabilisation and thermal insulation of masonry cavity walls. A cost-effective alternative to metal cavity wall tie replacement, cavity foam achieves improved u-values, helps reduce noise and provides significant structural benefits. This quality HomeLogic solution comes with 25-year manufacturer warranty.

An environmentally friendly material often used on cavity wall insulation projects, polystyrene beads come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Due to their incredible versatility, polybead insulation can be installed in various properties and industries, keeping energy costs down at homes, businesses and more.

Superglass invests in the latest manufacturing technology to provide a wide selection of industry-leading thermal and acoustic glass mineral wool products. The firm is committed to creating green products, manufacturing its high-quality solutions from post-consumer waste for even greater environmental sustainability. Each product is equipped with incredible thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as effective fire protection.

Ideal for low energy, low carbon buildings, Kingspan has developed a range of premium insulation solutions for a variety of construction projects. Boasting an excellent thermal performance, the Kingspan products are useful for several applications, including walls, floors and roofs. The company’s selection of high-quality insulation boards comprises Kooltherm, an advanced thermal insulation, OPTIM-R, a next generation insulation and Therma, a high performance insulation.

ProPERLA offers a range of premium, exterior waterproof paints and coatings which help tackle energy loss within your building. With exceptional hydrophobic and thermal properties, these solutions are perfect to improve the insulation within any building by reducing and eliminating moisture. Available in both clear and coloured finishes, ProPERLA’s wall and ceiling coatings can be utilised on a variety of exterior surfaces. I Home Solutions is recognised as an Approved Applicator of ProPERLA’s suite of high-quality products.